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Northern Argentina – Firmed the dates and location.

See details on “Tour” session.



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Heaviest  was invited to play in the first show of Andre Matos ( ex- Angra ) that will be celebrated the 20th anniversary of the classic ” Holy Land” in his new tour, ” Holy Tour”.

Tks for the invitation!



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“Most part of the time it’s hard to a band with so little time of activity surprise everyone in the first album. And after many months working on compositions and arrangements, Heaviest barely came from a  promising band status to quickly turn into reality after the release of the debut “Nowhere”, which after a year and a half after launch, is still receiving positive reviews in all parts of Brazil and the world, released by MS Metal Records/Voice Music (Brazil) and PowerProg (Germany/Europe), showing that your modern Heavy Metal is here to kick some asses! The band is formed by the experienced singer Mario Pastore (vocals), Guto Mantesso and Márcio Eidt (guitars), Renato Dias (bass) and Vito Montanaro (drums).

Click here to check the interview and know more about this great new brazilian Metal band!..”



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