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Founded in 2014 by guitar players Guto Mantesso and Marcio Eidt, “Heaviest” was born from the desire and with the purpose to produce quality music within the Brazilian heavy metal setting.

Both the guitar players had already worked together on previous successful projects such as the late “Ready Mades” band in the mid-1990s.

The compositions of the debut album, which would be called “Nowhere”, began in September 2014 and the album realease took place one year later.

The bass player Renato Dias (Marakutaia, ex-Cobaia 7) joined the band during the recording process in the beginning of 2015.

After that, the acclaimed singer Mario Pastore (Pastore, ex-Depht, ex-Acid Storm) was invited to join the group, accepting quickly the invitation when he realized the quality of the work developed by its founding musicians by that time.

To complete the current lineup, Vito Montanaro, a drummer known especially for his work of many years with the “Rush Project”, came up too.

Since its beginning “Heaviest” seeks to produce unique, heavy and dynamic music, always looking for modern sonorities while caring about individual influences of its musicians.

Its main influences are bands like Pantera, Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob, and Stone Sour.

“Nowhere” was released in September 2015 and had a great repercussion in the specialized media. The album figures among the “best of the year” according many websites, blogs, magazines, and columnists around the world.

Due to the large positive impact on the media, “Heaviest” was invited by the German label “Power Prog” to realease its first album worldwide.

In the European version, the band recorded two more songs as bonus tracks, which were highly praised by international fans.

After the releases, the band was interviewed by several radio stations, magazines and blogs from Brazil and abroad during the following months. The band was considered one of the great promises for 2016 in a Brazilian TV network, which broadcasted tracks of the album on its television programs.

The great repercusion has continued in the beginning of 2016, when the band had one of its songs included in the blockbuster game “Guitar Flash”, with more than a million players.

Besides the realease, “Heaviest” recorded two videoclips which are available for viewing on YouTube. The chosen songs were “Nowhere”, which gives title to the album, and “Decisions”, which shows the wide diversity of influences on which the band navigates.

The first gig was held in the known “English-style pub” Gillans Inn in Sao Paulo. The house is able to have more than three hundred people and was full on October 24th to welcome what would be the beginning of “Nowhere Tour 15/16”.

This tour will continue in 2016 around Brazil, plus a Latin America Tour scheduled to Setember/October.

The main focus of “Heaviest” this year is to continue its work with professionalism and dedication and also to start writing songs for the second album, to be released in the first half of 2017.