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By João Messias Jr.  - NewHorizonsZine

Veteran musicians did a great job on his debut album.

Although I has already made a start in this way, talk about this group requires a reuse of this formula.

“Faceless”, “Ready Mades”, and “Acid Storm” – they are bands which flashed in their time, but for those known misfortunes didn’t achieve the success they deserved. Just like those epic films in which warriors from different tribes join to fight against some sort of evil, these musicians joined forces and create a new group, but with a purpose a bit far from their roots. Out of this merger “Heaviest” was born and recently released its debut album.

Called “Nowhere”, the work calls attention to the great sound. While maintaining those weight and heavy metal structure, it has the foot in modernity with references to groups like Stone Sour, Adrenaline Mob, Korn, Pantera and Metallica. But that was no problem for Mario Pastore (voice), Guto Mantesso (guitar), Marcio Eidt (guitar), Renato Dias (bass) and Vito Montanaro (drums), who took advantage of the experience and made an exciting album (and totally heavy from beginning to end).

No egos and stuff, the talent of those involved pop up to the eyes as every song is performed. Some examples are the track that was named after the album and “Decisions”, attention-grabbing first with the excellent plots created by the guitars, bass marked, drums with clear tones and an aggressive vocal line just right, without exaggeration.

Other highlights are due to the catchy chorus of “Resurrection”, aggressive “Buried Alive” and the ballad “Finding the Way”, with thrilling vocal lines, showing that sensitivity exists even in an interpretation of a heavy subject.

An album packed with a beautiful cover and an expected great production, we’re left just to say that “Nowhere” has it all. Therefore the talent of the guys was used by a single purpose – to make quality music.


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